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i make things

i am a creative. i am an artist. i am a maker of things.
Paper, Leather, Wood, Vinyl, Acrylic, Metal

Personal projects, items produced for sale and bespoke creations

It started with a block of scrap wood and a dull chisel when I was 9, whittling out a little toy car. Soon after I was making address and garden signs for a few neighbours. For my 12th birthday I got my first router and decided to try my hand at making a table. I though I was going to be a carpenter until I got my hands on a soldering iron, then I didn't know what I was going to do, it was all too fun. Suddenly scrap wood became models, doodles became stickers and broken toys fabricated into sculptures.

Decades later I still love taking raw materials and turning them into something amazing. Creating something tangible from an idea.

While I make practical and effective use of a variety of tools - Hand & power tools, sewing machines, specialty & large format printers, CNC machines, etc... sometimes there isn't a tool for the job so you just have to make one.

43.6532° N, 79.3832° W

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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