When I was a kid my mother used to force my sister and I to do 1 hour of school work during our summer break. My sister, who by the way is a writer now, was doing her spelling.

"Write the name of the animals pictured below"

My mother immediately knew she looked in the back of the exercise book for the answer because when she pointed at the picture of the first animal and said "How did you know this one?" My sister replied

"Everyone knows the La-Lama!"

She was like 7

This is collection is being created over the next 365 days. February 14, 2022 - 2023. A new portrait of LaLama will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain every day at 1pm eastern standard time.

Let's see what LaLama the Llama gets up to. Really, your guess is as good as mine. Occasionally LaLama is a quippy little camelid but mostly corny. Must be all the grass.
Below all of this rambling you'll find the collection or, if you're so inclined, visit it on OpenSea - opens in a new window of course.